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Adventures in Healing: The Update

This update is long overdue, and for that I apologize.   First, let me say that this project is still ongoing.  I am still gathering, recording, and transcribing stories of heartache and healing.  Sadly, I am still recording the stories I collected in my first round of visits with women.  I want you to know that you still matter .  You matter very much to me, and I am going to make sure your stories are heard.  It was such a sacred thing to listen and be entrusted with such a beautiful gift. I found that it takes literally twice as long to record and oral story as it does to listen to it.  Most of the stories I heard were three hours at minimum.  That means it takes me six hours of uninterrupted time to get that written up.  I do have some done.  I passed them along to a church authority who was visiting, along with a letter detailing my experience and what I gleaned from it.  It felt like something I had to do.  I'm sad to say that nearly a year later I have never heard anyth

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