a little personal.

I have noticed a real difference in my mood and attitude on the days I get up early and workout.  I think I need to make more of an effort to get up early and do some sort of light exercise on my days 'off'.

Yesterday was a big day for 'the situation'.  I put my foot down and spoke up regardless of what the outcome would be.  I knew that I needed to for my integrity.  I was proud of myself for standing up for myself and acknowledging my right to have a voice and to stand for the right.  I got angry and I yelled and, honestly, it felt good to feel those emotions and to express them without stuffing them.  The look on DH's face scared me.  It was one I hadn't seen before- just a look of contempt and hatred for me.  He hardly said a word more to me before going to bed, but I felt at peace with myself nonetheless.  He says today that he isn't mad at me anymore.  I don't need to have him tell me that I was right and he was wrong (though that certainly would be nice) and I can go on even if he were still mad.  I know that I did the right thing and it felt good to not back down for fear of confrontation for once- with the situation and with him.


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