I'm so incredibly tired.  Just like yesterday (when K2 got up at 5:30!).  Lately I'll be exhausted (to the point of falling asleep while driving just a short distance) all day and then come evening I suddenly have insomnia.  Ugh.  Working on making myself get up though so that hopefully I can work backwards on a bedtime.

I went to the PASG group last night simply because I wanted to.  I felt like I had something to give.  I hadn't been for a couple of weeks and I felt good hearing from one of the sister missionaries how much something I shared a couple weeks ago had helped her.  She did a little write-up on it and gave a handout on PTSD.  I read through the information on PTSD and realized how so much of my life has likely been run by it.  Crazy. I should've gotten help and medicine a long time ago.  But the important thing is that I am now and I am feeling freed as I regain mastery and control over my life by seeing it for what it truly is and turning it over to the Lord.  I was also reminded at group about the need for gratitude journals so I am goign to work on being more consistent in writing in mine.


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