just morning.

There is nowhere that we have to be first thing this morning and that is such a wonderful feeling.  After a lot of yelling (that I'm not proud of) yesterday, we were able to get the downstairs looking good.  It's nice to start the day that way and I'm hoping it can stay so.

Yesterday was a rough day.  It was my day 'off' from my training.  While it felt so wonderful to sleep in, I think it made a difference not having that exercise to start my day and quiet time to myself.  I also didn't start by writing like I have been.

My mother-in-law called me just to check in, which was nice.  However, as she was talking about work, it was all I could do not to say something about the situation that's been on my mind.  That really really triggered me.  I know that I need this situation to be resolved for me to move on.  Yes, my happiness is independent of others as it needs to be, but I am not okay with standing idly by while something gets ignored that really shouldn't.

Thankfully, I was able to end the day yesterday be going to a RS activity where Steve Fotheringham spoke.  I always love listening to him.  He was talking about studying the scriptures and finding Christ in all things.  It really was good and it was nice, too, to just spend an hour focusing on just spiritual things.  We are blessed to have access to a lot of really wonderful people like him.

I think I need to spend some time creating some things.  That will help me to feel better as well.  Often, though, i feel like I can't do that until I've made sure the house is clean first.  So, since my bedroom is not clean, and the laundry is not all done, I feel like I have to postpone an activity like sewing.  It's probably because that's just the sort of thing I have to do with the kids for them to get things done.


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