I have remembered all day as have all of you. I have thought of the loved one who should've been there but wasn't. Of the loved one who had a miscarriage from the stress of the day. Of the untold ripple effects. Of the visit to NYC and PA that I returned from only a week earlier. Of the stories we tell our children and they learn in school, of their parents living through a moment that defined our story. I overheard my 6 year old teaching my 5 year old about today. I listened as my 10 year old interviewed myself, my husband, and my dad about the day for the class assignment. I thought about this rising generation. I have to hope that we are teaching them to be a little have hope and resilience in an ever-darkening find and see the know that they are never realize that beauty and good can come from all things. I hope that if we can't give them a better or more sure future, that we can at least give them tools to handle what lies ahead with strength, resilience, dignity, peace, faith, light, and love. And respect. We honor those lost with love.


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