to the voice in my head

Hey voice.  I need you to be quiet.  I need to be brave.  Owning a story is hard work.  It is worthy and therapeutic work.  It is scary work.  I have some important things to share and I need to clear my head to share them in the right way.  So I need you to be quiet.  Yes, you...that voice telling me I'm going to be shunned or that there will be huge fallout like the last time I spoke up to a group of what I thought were like-minded people.  That voice telling me it's okay, maybe even better, to just keep mum.  Why stir the pot after all?  Yah, I know you... I recognize you.  There is good in taking a stand.  There is good in having integrity.  There is good in choosing something hard, when it is on the Lord's side.  There may be fallout.  There will be blessings.  They may not be immediate but they will come eventually.  He has shown me that.  So voice, go away.  I need to think and it's not going to be about you.


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