a quick update

There is so much that I have to update on, so I thought I would throw up a few quick bullets of life right now. 
  • I attended the Togetherness Project Conference a couple weeks ago.  It was amazing.  I think it was the best one yet.  I can't wait to share all my notes and insights and information with you all. I'm sad for the end of a great cause, but I'm thrilled at the opportunities and possibilities ahead.  I also know the board members and I know it was the right thing and right time, and a decision not taken lightly. 
  • I also got to see Brene Brown speak.  Yes, THE Brene Brown.  In person!  It was every bit as fabulous as you imagine.  My husband went with me and thoroughly enjoyed it as well.  She was followed by Jewel, who told her stories, life lessons, and sung some songs.  I've always loved her as a singer and really resonated with her songs.  Now I better understand why.  My husband said he couldn't decide which of the two he liked better, she was that good.  Also, now we both totally want to read her book.
  • The kids started school and so far this year is going exponentially better than last.  It's still early, but it's been great to see the one kid particularly loving school again.  He has been more motivated than I have ever seen and his teacher has just raved about him.  Complete turnaround from last year.  It gives me hope.
  • My husband is doing really well.  No, he still hasn't found a job.  I'm sure it is disheartening to put in so many applications and get so few calls.  However, he knows that is to be expected and presses on.  I find myself continually impressed by his desire for and efforts at self-awareness in the midst of this, as well as his intentional doing of hard things.  Those who are familiar with addiction and addict behavior will understand what a big deal that is, especially in light of such a high-stress situation.  We've been attending a weekly combined 12-step ARP meeting as our date night for the last little while and he really loves it.  It's a large group with an amazing spirit that is just nice to be around really.  A group gets together to go out for food afterward, so it's been a nice avenue for real, vulnerable, authentic friendships.  I've had that for a while now, but I think it's somewhat new for him. On this level anyhow.  We've been enjoying our time together at home and trying to make the best of it.  I noticed myself getting irrationally angry on the first day of school.  I realized how much I revel in having the physical space of the house to myself for a time and how hard it was for me to not have that.  There are weird things like that that you just don't think about until you're in it.  So we've talked about these things and worked them out and I think we've found what works for us.  We are enjoying going to the temple during the day, working in the shop together, exercising, running errands (and sometimes alone because you just need to have alone time).  Even without a job it doesn't feel like we are ever just sitting around or anything.  Lots of talking going on though.  Good thing we are friends! 


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