The hike that didn't go as planned.

So this hike.... It was supposed to be a short and easy one as I was recovering from a cold that had settled into my chest, and I had somewhere I was trying to be at a specific time. Except it turned out that the trail wasn't marked and there were multiple trails from the same trailhead. I knew the trail I wanted was a portion of a longer trail, but none of the signs seemed to even say the longer trail I needed. So I tried them all. I went a mile between all the other trails before I spotted the sign facing a different way, dark and worn. I used my AllTrails app, that I had thankfully thought to hit record on, and would go some time on a trail only to find it was no longer aligning with the path I wanted. Hmm...sound a little like life? So I tried again. I chose to focus on the different things I was getting to see as a result of taking the wrong way so many times. I thought of the similarities in what I was trying to do on the trail and what we are trying to do as my husband looks for a job and we try to figure out where we want to be and where we are meant do be, doing what. As I was finally on the correct trail I continued along, remembering trail descriptions I had read ahead of time. I knew there would be a fork I would need to take, and I knew which way I would need to go. I'd read about one way being easier than another and I'd read about what the view was like along the way. Seeing that view was encouraging and reminded me that my map was correct and I could trust my guide. Again... Life lessons. 😉 So I'm just enjoying the trail, going along, when I begin to wonder how much further. See, I could tell my water was running extremely low and I've done enough hiking to know that there is a certain mileage where it always seems to run out. I hadn't planned to go that mileage this day, or certainly not before reaching my turnaround point. I look at my app and it's still tracking me & saying I'm a little over halfway. I look at the view and decide to have a seat and enjoy it while I figure out what is best to do. After all, I went to so much work to get on the right path in the first place, how can I not make it to my destination? But then there is the issue of the water. Water is so important. And I have asthma. And am recovering from a cold. I've done this dance before and it's left me needing steroids because my lungs get so pissed at me. 😳 So I'm sitting there, just enjoying the view and waiting to decide what to do, when I see someone coming up the trail who is dressed just like my husband dresses while hiking. That's funny to me, so I decide to wait and see what this person looks like. The man stops to talk to me, and in the course of our conversation informs me that I've gone the extra mile. As in, I totally passed my destination! He gives me information that was not in any previous trail descriptions and I make my way back, hoping to find the right spot. Sure enough.... There was a pile of logs creating the outline of the trail at a bend, that were piled just high enough that my short self didn't take notice of the little path behind. I even remembered noticing that particular marker for whatever reason. Just a little on the path, and some climbing up and over and through tree roots, and I finally made it to Scout Falls. Thank goodness for people on the path who've been there before, can let you know when you've missed your mark, and can give you information you might not otherwise have. 
View from Scout Falls. Can't believe I went up all that.  
View from Scout Falls. Can't believe I went up all that.  


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